Boomerang 0.11.6

Gmail client with unique options

Boomerang is a cool application for managing your Gmail account from your Android device. View full description


  • Unique functions
  • Support for several accounts
  • Touch control


  • Only for Gmail accounts


Boomerang is a cool application for managing your Gmail account from your Android device.

Boomerang has options that aren't available in the native Gmail application: scheduled sending, more touch control and the boomerang button are some of the features of this alternative to Gmail.

Boomerang and its special functions

The Gmail client for Android has improved a lot and is now quite complete, but applications like Boomerang offer interesting features which aren't available in the original app.

Boomerang's features are intended to improve the management of your emails. Among the coolest features are:

Boomerang your messages: If you receive lots of emails, you can defer reading some of them until later. With this feature, the mail disappears for a time period which you can specify, helping you have a more orderly inbox.

Scheduled sending: Boomerang lets you write emails and schedule when you send them. Instead of leaving them in Drafts, this option lets you send the messages at a time of your choosing.

Important messages: If you want to ensure that a message gets an answer, you can make it appear on your list again to send it at a convenient time.

As well as these options, Boomerang includes the option to manage multiple accounts, better touch control than Gmail, and notifications.

Unfortunately, it's missing the new labels which Gmail uses for organization.

Practical and one-handed!

Boomerang's approach is practical and is based largely on touch control. As in Gmail, archive by sliding your finger to the right over the message. Sliding your finger to the left will give you a complete selection of extra options.

The design is clear and there are also several themes to choose from.

Will we Boomerang?

Designed for users who manage large amount of emails in Gmail, Boomerang is an alternative app with lost of original options.

It's not 100% Gmail, but if label management isn't important to you, it's a good solution for intensive email use.

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Boomerang 0.11.6